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With the digital transformation

In today's world of DDOS attacks and ransomware a need to ensure that your digital files are safe, protected, and secure at all costs. For many of today’s businesses, the idea of a catastrophic network or infrastructure failure or cyber attacks is absolutely terrifying. That’s because data security & cyber security isn’t something that most businesses can implement on their own – or at least without their own in-house IT team or security operations.
At Ascend IT Support, we offer a comprehensive data security San Antonio, a service specifically designed to give small and medium-sized businesses the chance to ensure that their data is safe, secure, and protected at all costs.

Ascend’s Data Security services


Staying protected in today’s world is absolutely paramount for businesses – that means protecting your data and that of your clients, customers, or partners. Our security experts can help you implement real time advanced security strategy and security systems that are designed to protect you from data loss and provide digital defense to keep your data safe from cyberthreats.

Personalized Support Made Simple

When you choose to work with us for your data security and network security
needs, we stop at nothing short of providing a fully personalized experience. We protect and secure only what you want protected and secured, from sensitive data and  personal data to malicious software. We can help you set up individual privileges for specific teams within your organization, and we can provide guest access to let you access your data remotely. For our clients, we want them to rest assured knowing that they’re always in the driver’s seat, we’re simply the guide to help you get to the destination using the right business processes .

Unrivaled Data Security

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy designed to shield your businesses from malware, viruses, and other threats, or if you’re interested in setting up a secure VPN (virtual private network) to allow your team to gain access to your servers securely from remote locations, we can help you accomplish your security goals.

In a world built on big data, it’s absolutely critical to ensure that you are protecting your business and have everything you need to keep your information safe and sound. Let’s work together to ensure that your business has the protection that it needs.

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