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Expert IT services for the education Industry

Education is simply another industry that is beginning to take advantage of the digital transformation to drive innovation throughout every school, every district office, and every university. With everything from school it systems support and network support, to data security and custom software applications, Ascend IT is ready to help monitor and maintain your systems around the clock.

Stay Safe

With top-notch data security and cybersecurity services, you can ensure that your network remains safe and protected from a growing threat of cyberattacks.

Stay Secure

With unending security protections, you can rest assured knowing that Ascend will keep your business secure from attacks and potential vulnerabilities.

Stay Innovative

Our children deserve to receive a stellar education – by taking IT off of your shoulders, you can focus on what’s most important – educational innovation.

Education is becoming entirely based on advanced networks, IT systems, and digital information to help ensure that children and educators have access to the resources that they need to grow their minds, to grow their capabilities, and to grow society as a whole.

Recommended Services & Solutions

Managed Services

If you’re looking for Office 365 integration, Cloud services, or managed help desk services for your volunteers and participants, we’re standing at the ready to become an extension of your team to get the job done just how you want it.

Data Security

Keeping your information safe is always a top priority. Let Ascend work to optimize your data security protections and keep your information safe at all costs.

Cloud Services

Don’t depend on a physical IT infrastructure to help you maintain your records – instead, go with an affordable, efficient, accessible, and scalable solution by partnering with Ascend IT for all of your cloud services needs.

We keep your systems up to date and install the latest antimalware programs to prevent data breaches.